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Our History

DIKEN International

A world class enterprise, founded in 1989, with the mission to give to our customers full and productive solutions in hygiene, safety and maintenance directly to the industrial world, through a huge and complete chemicals products list and specialized equipments, linked to a technical support and professional advisers

  • Mission

    Diken has the goal to consolidate us in our market segment, through a continuous detailed analysis, an international operative structure and personnel with a higher commitment and knowledge, capable to give to our customers hygienic and productive solutions and bring a productivity increase in their processes, offering specialized products, competitive prices, the highest service and world class quality, guaranteeing always the utility of our company and the constant overcoming of our personnel.

  • Vision

    Being the leaders in the American Continent like manufacturer chemical cleaning products, hygiene, sanitation and industry maintenance, besides equipment distributors and consumable accessories.

  • Quality Policy

    Give to our customers, complete and innovation solution in chemical products and equipment, complying with their requeriments and expectatives, in safety, quality, legislation, time and cost, through personnel with a high commitment and continuous improvement in our Gestion Scheme.

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Job and Careers

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